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Mount Washington and valley, winter, driving back from Montreal and insisting to stop to photograph clouds, light, mountains, snow, general barrenness.


Too Cold

January 30th, 2010 Permalink

Further proof this morning that we’ve entered the Season of Broken Thermometers and the Disbelieving Thermometer Watchers.

Going through the pictures, trying to organize, and still I have amazing memories (and some okay photos) of the shipping traffic of the Bosporus, stuff moving past Istanbul to and from the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.

Here’s one showing ferries, tankers, and to the left on the horizon Maiden’s Tower, where Hero and Leander met, and where a James Bond villain (or more?) set up a base-of-operations.

I’ve always liked the way the light looks coming through the pleated window shade in the early morning.

Scanned from film this morning, haven’t cleaned it up, kind of like it.

The Raw Faith docked in Portland Harbor.

Read about it.

We took a drive north to Bangor, over to Belfast and back down Route 1. We stopped several times to take pictures, including at Fort Knox which is covered with snow and not really accessible right now. This is the Penobscot Narrows Bridge. The first tower has an observatory in it. We plan to come back again when Maine has thawed out and the fort & observatory are opened again.

From breakfast this morning. We (finally!) used a gift card we’d gotten. It was set to expire February 1st.

It does need to be replaced, ee-yup.

We had some snow this week, ee-yup.

This was taken out one of the windows at Slickfish’s office. With the snow piled on and the icycle-jaws closing it has a claustrophobic view-of-the-world-from-the-basement look. Slickfish’s offices are in the fourth floor attic of a building in the Old Port.