June, 2010 Archives

Located on Park Street. The carriage house in back is massive and beautiful. Nice brickwork. I’ll post a picture when I have a nice one to post.

Sweets on display in a shop window. You can see baklava in the back, lokum (aka Turkish delight), and rice pudding on the bottom. All delicious!

Yosaku is a good sushi restaurant located at the intersection of Pleasant and Danforth Streets. They have a patio, great when the weather’s warm and sunny.

This is the flag they fly. Very fun!

Brother and family from South Carolina were in town, so we took the ferry out to Peaks Island for lunch. That’s the mail boat and Little Diamond Island on the right.

Last experiments with the iPhone Plastic Rocket app for a while. This was taken where Deering Avenue meets Forest Avenue and Woodford Street. I may have been standing in the middle of the street, being a complete hazard, when I took this. C’est la vie!

Would it not be great if there were a light rail train running through Woodford’s Circle? Perhaps a stop on the left after Saunders Street across from Rite Aid.

Here are two more pics of Woodford’s: Looking down Woodford St. towards Back Cove, and looking north down Ocean Ave.