August, 2010 Archives

Last week we went with my parents to the Frog & Turtle for dinner. We stopped to look at the falls and they did NOT look like this. Since we have had such a dry summer here, about 1/3 of the water you see here was going over the falls. This picture was actually taken last fall.

This picture was taken underneath the Blue Line “L” tracks in Wicker Park. The Damen Ave. stop is at my back, and we’re looking towards the Division Ave. stop. The track goes underground before that stop.

When I lived in Chicago the shape of the Coyote Building in the sky, at North, Damen and Milwaukee Avenues in Wicker Park, was a good thing to see. It meant I had only a block or two more to walk before I was home.

This one’s a mistake, but an interesting one. At least I think so. The “sun” pictured here is the Moon with too long an exposure. The blue sphere beneath it and a little to the right is a reflection of the Moon on the camera filter. But it does kind of look like what I’d expect the sun earth to look like from a great distance floating in space.

We’ll be appreciating little things like these in a few short months…