October, 2010 Archives

I scan my black-and-white film as color negative, instead of using the black-and-white setting in the otherwise decent scanning software I use. TMAX scans a little bluish. When I edit in Photoshop I switch it from RGB color to grayscale after I’ve cleaned up scratches and dust and things. But I like the color of the film as it’s scanned. Blue is kind of soothing.

From SPACE’s block party this past summer.

A friendly reminder that there are downtown Portland neighborhoods other than the Old Port. (Yay, Arts District!) And also that there is a thriving arts scene in Portland contributing a lot to the city’s vibrancy (ineffable) and economy (tangible).

The Arts District has better restaurants, too. 😉

Scanning Beth’s slides on the spiffy film scanner I bought last year. Found some pictures I like and so I’m sharing them.