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Wow. Gordon’s, like, 157!

Yeah, that is what the park’s called.

The benches are in disrepair, but the park has a good view down the peninsula, including Portland’s Downtown and Bayside neighborhoods.

We went to the Saco Museum last weekend too. It was great!

This is a detail of a painting by John Brewster, a painter working in Maine in the early 19th Century. I’m familiar with folk art from that period, but not Brewster, and his paintings in the museum are fantastic.

Here’s a link to Brewster’s Wikipedia entry:


And here’s a link to the Saco Museum’s web site:


We went to the Seashore Trolley Museum last weekend. It was fantastic! The Metrobus was in the parking lot, and because I’ve ridden a couple of these in my youth I had to take a picture. No Metro rail cars.

The building behind the bus is part of the superstructure of the elevated that used to be over Causeway Street in Boston. It was partially dismantled and floated up to Maine on a barge.

I don’t know if the Metrobus was put on a barge, but I’ve got nice mental images of it on a barge in the Atlantic and also driving up I-95.

Here’s a link to the Seashore Trolley Museum’s site:


Congress to Mellen through Deering Oaks to Deering to Forest is one of the routes I walk or bike home. I’ve always liked this view, from the top of Mellen Street looking down towards Deering Oaks Park.

Restaurants that only serve breakfast and lunch seem to deserve their own special classification in Maine. I’d personally like to see more late-late night restaurants, places where you can get a good meal like at 11 or 1. The night has a special quality. And when I’m sleepless and just want to get out it’s great to get out to a public place at like 12:30 and to be surrounded by the noise of a restaurant kitchen.

The Bayou Kitchen looks good. I’ve never been there, though it’s nearby. Here’s their web site: