The guy wearing the hoody riding the bike on the sidewalk (on the sidewalk!) mars this oldish picture. Or maybe he doesn’t, maybe he adds to what’s a flawed and ugly (I’ll admit it’s ugly, but I took it, so I’m allowed) photo of what you see a lot of when you walk across town, and it’s winter, and it’s cold, and winter’s long, and you’re waiting at an intersection to cross the street, and it’s cold. (Did I mention the length of the winter yet?)

The camera is a Minolta SLR. I think XD-11, but it might be an X-370. Definitely Minolta because we don’t own any other film cameras. The film: Grain looks like Ilford’s C41 film, which I’ve actually had a lot of trouble with: 24 exposures packed into 36 exposure canister, the film wound so tightly in the canister if fucked up the film crank on the X-370. But I like the fat grain of this film a lot.

Anyway, enjoy it. Failures like this picture are often thoughtful and good to learn from.

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