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The Jewel of the Seas is the big white boat on the left. Or ship. Not certain about the sea-faring terminology. But, it’s parallel parked alongside Ocean Gateway.

Click here for the super size version of the picture.

An old photo I found while scanning some Kodachrome images from Beth.

You must believe in spring! Which in Maine means summer.

Second in a series of “benches overlooking Casco Bay with esoteric statements carved into them”.

The first is in South Portland.

There are plans afoot to provide easier access to the fort, for tourists and/or the curious. I’m curious about the fort sitting out in the middle of Casco Bay! Currently you can get to the fort by kayak, water taxi, or by swimming (I suppose).

I can’t find the link to the news story describing the plan to make the fort more accessible. If I find it, then I’ll post it.

Here’s info on the fort.

This trestle leads up to the swing bridge, currently unused, spanning Back Cove’s opening into Casco Bay and connecting Portland’s East End with East Deering.

In the afternoon people fish from the trestle.

Taken from Flatbread’s “holding pen” on deck for people waiting to eat.

(Flatbread’s got good pizza — I mean that!)

Brother and family from South Carolina were in town, so we took the ferry out to Peaks Island for lunch. That’s the mail boat and Little Diamond Island on the right.