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We’re reprising a picture we had last year about this time from Chicago. Rahm Emanuel was inaugurated Chicago’s mayor yesterday. Emanuel talked a bit in his speech about the good things of cultural diversity gives us. More than we thought as we listened our (Maine’s) current governor would even dare to think about, if he thinks about things at all. We don’t know if Chicago’s a better place than Maine right now. LePage doesn’t reflect Maine. Chicago’s chief executive’s better than Maine’s, however, at least taken at face value.

From SPACE’s block party this past summer.

A friendly reminder that there are downtown Portland neighborhoods other than the Old Port. (Yay, Arts District!) And also that there is a thriving arts scene in Portland contributing a lot to the city’s vibrancy (ineffable) and economy (tangible).

The Arts District has better restaurants, too. 😉

I saw a pair of concrete lions on Stevens Ave. during the walk home Wednesday. They reminded me of the lions on the Chain Bridge in Budapest.

Here’s a shot, a couple of feet back, of the second of the two. They’re maybe ten inches tall. I like the touch though!

Mural on Free Street. Portland.