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This afternoon a B2 Stealth Bomber flew over our house as part of the PWM Aeronautical Expo that they have every year. You can really see why people reported them as UFO’s while they were being developed.

I don’t know either.

At ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden in Albuquerque.

More zombies in Boston!

The identical blonde twins are in the foreground having their picture taken by another zombie. One of the twins is making a scary hand gesture.

My sister and brother-and-law ran a 1/2 marathon in Massachusetts in June. They stayed with my aunt in Whitman the weekend of the race, and we met them for a day excursion in the North End at South Station.

There was a very large crowd of zombies outside the entrance to the station. I don’t know what was going on, but it was fun, and funny, and the zombies we’re happy enough to have their pictures taken – I didn’t get any weird looks, but hey, they’re zombies – so, weird looks…?

Look closely at the sign on the garage.