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In honor of the acquisition of AirTran by Southwest and it seems general excitement amongst Portlanders about Southwest coming to the Portland JetPort.

The jet in this picture’s actually over the Casco Bay Bridge, but at this point everyone looking at this blog is sick of the Casco Bay Bridge, right?

This trestle leads up to the swing bridge, currently unused, spanning Back Cove’s opening into Casco Bay and connecting Portland’s East End with East Deering.

In the afternoon people fish from the trestle.

Hiya. Read the explanation on yesterday’s daily photo for, well, an explanation about this (and yesterday’s) picture.

This past year I got a new slide and film scanner. Most of my pictures are on 35mm black-and-white film, if that were not already apparent. So, I’ve been going through and scanning and rescanning pictures.

I found that I’d already scanned these not unpleasant pictures of a hike I took up Pleasant Mountain one day. They’re pretty old.

The back story is that I was running a business I co-owned, and there was some stress related to it, and because I’m not one to blow my cool, or whatever, but because I let off steam in other, not negative and not counter-productive ways (like photography, and in this specific case hiking!), I took the day off, drove west and went for a hike.

That day I hiked up Pleasant Mountain, west of Portland, and a couple of other small peaks, including Mount Cutler, in Hiram, Maine. You (and I) can see Pleasant Mountain when driving west on 302 on the way to Montreal. In Denmark the Shawnee Peak ski resort climbs the mountain’s side.

I need to hike more!

A photo from a very bright, very hot day in August when I went for a walk at Gilsland Farm. These flowers were in the community garden.

We took a drive down to Old Orchard Beach after work Wednesday evening.