August, 2010 Archives

The postcard’s from one of CBD’s former employees. He’s moved to The Other Portland!

Congress Street was busy last night. Streets were busy.┬áLots of people eating out – sidewalk dining seems to be very big this year, which is great! After dinner at the Green Elephant we went upstairs to Yellahoose’s offices and at about that time drumming from the African dance class across the street started up. The iPhone’s overwhelmed by low light conditions, but I like this simple picture of people stopped on the sidewalk watching the drummers and dancers through the storefront windows. Here’s another.

Taken on the University of New England Portland campus.

Green Lakes State Park is just east of Syracuse. We visited the park with Jim’s sister and her husband a couple of summers ago. The two lakes at the park have beautiful clear green-blue water. I came upon this egret while we were walking around the lake. He (or she) was fishing for a meal.

Another picture from our 2004 trip to Nova Scotia.

Another nice picture from our friend Malachi, who was here visiting us with his brother Michael and his parents Dianna and Mike.