September, 2010 Archives

I saw a pair of concrete lions on Stevens Ave. during the walk home Wednesday. They reminded me of the lions on the Chain Bridge in Budapest.

Here’s a shot, a couple of feet back, of the second of the two. They’re maybe ten inches tall. I like the touch though!

Perhaps the positive thing that’s come out of the grant Portland Trails proposed to convert the railroad bridge to a bike and a pedestrian crossing, which died, is that backers of rail got (better) organized and started to make themselves heard.

Portland would do well with a light rail system. Look at how the other Portland benefited from their streetcar. It would certainly do well with a holistic approach to transportation, human powered and efficient and enjoyable (yes, enjoyable) mass transit.

The Block Party Saturday was great! There could have been more vendors, and a few of the spaces (I won’t put them on the spot and name them) might have chosen to be open to the crowds, but the weather was great, the music was great, and it was a really good time.

I don’t know if this is going to be an annual event. It has my vote, and even my support, if it’s needed!