October, 2010 Archives

Like the other pueblos in the Cibola forest area, Qurai was abandoned after drought and increased attacks by the Apache. Most pueblo residents moved to settlements and pueblos in the Rio Grande valley, like Isleta.

Here’s a larger version of the same panorama.

Quarai is part of the Salinas Pueblo Missions.

Also visited the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, too.

Went to The National Museum of Nuclear Science & Industry in Albuquerque.

The story of Lise Meitner was and is a good one. The Museum juxtaposed Meitner’s refusal to be associated with atomic weapons with quotes from the Reagan Era about freedom not being free, and freedom being a step away from extinction. Which was weird. The quote from Reagan was weird too. There is a good PBS program about Otto Hahn and Meitner and their science.

The Museum, associated to the Smithsonian, had a bit of what I would say was a pro-nuclear message.

Strolling amongst ICBMs and other nukes (disarmed) in the rock garden in the back was weird. The weapons themselves can be quite, um, beautiful. Many look like they’re pieces from old Sci Fi TV shows.

Here’s a picture of a Three Mile Island lamp and mug (it’s a set, I think).

Here are detailed pictures of nuclear missiles.

Here is an ICBM warhead on a wood palette.

Here’s a close up showing one of the picnic tables.


Here’s a panorama of “the beach” at White Sands. (Click here for the large version.)