January, 2011 Archives

Renys, a Maine department store, took the old LL Bean and Olympia Sports spaces on Congress Street. It should be good for a vibrant, living downtown.

On Monument Square.

Maine College of Art (MECA) dorms, I believe.

Merrill Seafoods

Snowed in along the Kennebec River.

Ah. This one probably requires some explanation. We switched our TV service from cable to satellite this week. One of the fun perks is that we get a channel with the constantly refreshing view of earth from our satellite. I worked for a couple hours early, early this morning on the sofa with the view on the TV of the sun rising over the half of the planet on which I live. I’ve seen dawn views on the Danube, the Charles, the St. Lawrence, Lake Michigan, the Bosporus, and of course Casco Bay, but this one’s fun.