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Hmm. Seems like it might be fun to do a study of the building this week.

I get a tingling-creepy feeling looking at this picture that someone’s just about to lift one of the window sashes and lean out and look down at me looking up at them.

In my imaginary Portland there’s a rooftop bar on this building the three-sided bar is under the clock tower clock, and the views of Back Cove, the city, traffic passing on Forest Avenue below, in the summer when sound rises up through the trees and the heat and humidity, is fantastic.

I wonder what it would take to open a rooftop bar here. Is Portland ready for a rooftop bar at Woodford’s?


It’d have to be family-friendly. Obviously a kitchen on the floor under the roof. And I’m thinking an elevator. Hmmm…

When I asked one of the people fishing how it was going she said, “Fine but no fish.”

This picture looks cold, but the shacks were really quite warm.