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Funny. Didn’t know this field existed until on a walk Friday we started exploring the rough paths Portland Trails has posted behind Evergreen Cemetery. This field is accessible by a crumbling road from the University of New England. I think there might be access too from Mayfield Street.


Merrill Seafoods

I saw a pair of concrete lions on Stevens Ave. during the walk home Wednesday. They reminded me of the lions on the Chain Bridge in Budapest.

Here’s a shot, a couple of feet back, of the second of the two. They’re maybe ten inches tall. I like the touch though!

Last experiments with the iPhone Plastic Rocket app for a while. This was taken where Deering Avenue meets Forest Avenue and Woodford Street. I may have been standing in the middle of the street, being a complete hazard, when I took this. C’est la vie!

Would it not be great if there were a light rail train running through Woodford’s Circle? Perhaps a stop on the left after Saunders Street across from Rite Aid.

Here are two more pics of Woodford’s: Looking down Woodford St. towards Back Cove, and looking north down Ocean Ave.

Eliphalet Clark was apparently one of the very earliest homeopathic physicians in the United States. Here’s one link.

This house, presumably where Dr Clark based his practice here in Portland, is in our neighborhood (Deering). I’ve often wondered about it.

Saw this amazing flower garden on the roof of the house’s porch on the walk home (in the rain) this evening.

We’re having one of our porch posts replaced in the next week or so, depending on the rain, and I’m now kind of thinking about having all four porch pillars rebuilt so as to support something like this.

(If this is your house… nicely done!)