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Great Polish food in our neighborhood!

This was taken in same series of brownfield pictures I did behind Morrill’s Corner.

Morrill’s is notorious, I suppose, for it’s traffic bottleneck, especially after 4 PM when a freight train usually cuts off traffic at Forest Ave. Walton St. and Allen Ave. for 10-15 minutes. People want to speed to/from Windham and other towns off of Route 302. It would be nicer if there were a plan to do a kind of small town center at Morrill’s. Granted, that would do much for the traffic here.

There are big warehouse spaces, looks to me like they’re underused if used at all, off Read Street.

There was to be a Stop & Shop and condo development at Morrill’s, off Allen Avenue. But my understand was that Stop & Shop had pulled out of the state. If anyone knows more about this project, email.

This picture was taken in brownfield land behind Morrill’s Corner.

Taken on Morrill Street off of Forest Avenue.