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Yeah, that is what the park’s called.

The benches are in disrepair, but the park has a good view down the peninsula, including Portland’s Downtown and Bayside neighborhoods.

A picture from a part of Portland I’ve got some connections to: Munjoy Hill. When I moved to Portland from Chicago my wife and I lived on Munjoy Hill until we bought our house. So great working in the kitchen and looking on Casco Bay in that apartment! My first business had its offices on India Street, in the Grand Trunk Building, which looks vacant right now… and a surrounded by parking decks.

These “Open” signs were on Congress Street.

And… it’s First Friday, which means Art Walk! We won’t be showing photography at Yellahoose today. But get out, hurricane shmurricane, and look at art, buy stuff from local businesses and artists (or just window shop), eat at a local restaurant tonight!