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Scanning Beth’s slides on the spiffy film scanner I bought last year. Found some pictures I like and so I’m sharing them.

More formerly languishing, recently developed (see yesterday’s photo for the long explanation) color slide film from the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and the trip we took there last spring.

Happy Labor Day everyone.

Photo Market, just down the street from us, started recently taking color transparency film (Kodak and Fuji chrome, or E-6) for processing. It’s mailed out and I believed processed by a lab in the Midwest.

The rolls I’ve had sitting around for awhile have finally come back, and it being Labor Day weekend, and the traditional end of summer, and because I’ve been painting and reinstalling a sink in the downstairs bathroom and doing things for some thing I’m not going to write about right now (some of you might know what that thing might be), I’m going to share some of the pictures I’ve gotten back over the next couple of days.

The first two aren’t from too long ago. They’re from a trip we took to the excellent Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.

Oldie from our fantastic trip in 2007 to the “other” Portland in Oregon.

We rented a car and took a day trip out route 26 to the coast. (Aaron and the Hicks family will play Michael Stipe and tell me whether I can’t get there from here… I think it was 26…) This was at Cannon Beach. It was a little bit nippy, if I remember right, but it was sunny, great for hanging out on the beach and for flying a kite. I don’t have a picture of it, but there were horses on the beach too.

Need to go back!