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Our primo cat, peace.

A ShakeItPhoto picture. I can’t remember where it was taken.

Nice, hot summer day when this was taken. I’d spent much of it on the roof painting the dormer. Nice view up there! Definitely need a rooftop deck!

Anyway, the folks behind this sign (I don’t mean that literally), our neighbors, were moving. So “Moving Sale” might have been more accurate. I believe he ran a little business buying, fixing up, and then selling older luxury automobiles.

When this picture was taken there happened to be no cars parked on the street. Throughout the day, though, a lot of people saw the sign, parked, looked at the dork with the iPhone and paint bucket on the roof of the golden-colored house, and walked over to find a bargain.

Nice, hot summer day…

This will be the last ShakeItPhoto pics for a while.

Another ShakeItPhoto picture, again from alley behind the Congress Building. Lots of subject matter back there!

Alarm bell and sign in alley behind the Congress Building, where Yellahoose is located. This was taken with ShakeItPhoto, a fun iPhone app approximating Polaroid pictures. You even shake the phone to get the photo to “process.” Fun!