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Last week we went with my parents to the Frog & Turtle for dinner. We stopped to look at the falls and they did NOT look like this. Since we have had such a dry summer here, about 1/3 of the water you see here was going over the falls. This picture was actually taken last fall.

The railroad trestle over the Presumpscot River’s no longer used for rail traffic, but it was modified at some point with a grim looking (my opinion) pedestrian walk way.

The railroad trestle over the Presumpscot River in Westbrook, Maine.

The next day’s photo shows the pedestrian walk way added to the railroad trestle. This woman, the two kids, and the photographer were not risking their lives walking on the old rail part of the bridge.

I’m always anxious, probably more than I need to be, about taking pictures of people.

Should I tell them they’re going to be in my picture? If I tell them before I take the picture I’m certain that’ll always make the picture I want impossible. Do I tell them afterwards and risk their being upset or, even worse, asking for the film?