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This past year I got a new slide and film scanner. Most of my pictures are on 35mm black-and-white film, if that were not already apparent. So, I’ve been going through and scanning and rescanning pictures.

I found that I’d already scanned these not unpleasant pictures of a hike I took up Pleasant Mountain one day. They’re pretty old.

The back story is that I was running a business I co-owned, and there was some stress related to it, and because I’m not one to blow my cool, or whatever, but because I let off steam in other, not negative and not counter-productive ways (like photography, and in this specific case hiking!), I took the day off, drove west and went for a hike.

That day I hiked up Pleasant Mountain, west of Portland, and a couple of other small peaks, including Mount Cutler, in Hiram, Maine. You (and I) can see Pleasant Mountain when driving west on 302 on the way to Montreal. In Denmark the Shawnee Peak ski resort climbs the mountain’s side.

I need to hike more!

Another picture from our 2004 trip to Nova Scotia.

Look closely at the sign on the garage.

One of the 35mm pictures I took when I “discovered” the Casco Bay Bridge as subject matter.

It’s great for biking, walking and just sitting and watching too!

The Hidden Chapel was accessible by a 2-3 mile hike (seemed longer) up and down steep canyon walls (seemed steeper). I remember we kept walking and walking and walking, and I thought: Where, exactly, are we going here? But the guide was great — an older gentleman you knew did the hike more than several times a day. I took this picture by the side of a farming road pretending I wasn’t trying to catch my breath or wash the sweat pouring off my face.

We had the rental car (see previous day’s post) for two days. The second day we drove up the Columbia River Gorge, stopping at all the fantastic touristy vistas and other places, including every waterfall, small and large, along the Historic Columbia River Highway. Anyone driving behind us that day… well, if you were trying to get somewhere… sorry.

This is the rather famous Vista House located on Crown Point overlooking the gorge.

Oldie from our fantastic trip in 2007 to the “other” Portland in Oregon.

We rented a car and took a day trip out route 26 to the coast. (Aaron and the Hicks family will play Michael Stipe and tell me whether I can’t get there from here… I think it was 26…) This was at Cannon Beach. It was a little bit nippy, if I remember right, but it was sunny, great for hanging out on the beach and for flying a kite. I don’t have a picture of it, but there were horses on the beach too.

Need to go back!

River Trolley Park was an urban park on the banks of the Presumpscot River open at the beginning of the 20th Century. There was a casino and an open air theater. A streetcar ran from Portland’s downtown up Forest Avenue to the park.

There are detailed stories, and timelines, of Riverton Trolley Park here, here and here. Some of these links have pictures showing how the park used to look.

Portland Trails has made walking trails on the site of the ruins on both sides of the Presumpscot River.